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Black Smart Bracelet Fitness Activity Tracker

Rs. 2,250.00

Description:•Once again break through the limit inteligent healthy new fashion bracelet.•Smart reminder: In-call reminder,sedentary reminder,Remote Control Camera, Anti lost, wake up alarm etc.•It is made by TPU Polymer composite materials,containing features like light,high resistant and high damage resistance.•4.0 version Bluetooth,using internat..


Braked AB Abdominal Exercise Wheel

Rs. 1,690.00 Rs. 2,150.00

Jumbl Ab Wheel Roller - Dual, Double Pro Abdominal Exercise Wheel - Fitness Smooth Workout for Abs Conveniently Sized Workout Wheel Strengthens & Tones Abs, Obliques & Core Quickly Delivers Workout to Entire Body with Numerous Health/Fitness Benefits Dual Wheel Design Offers Increased Stability & Wobble-Free Exercising&nb..



Rs. 2,100.00

What is EMS Trainer?Generally, muscles act in response to signals from the brain. EMS(Electrical Muscle Stimulation) is a technology that uses electrical signals to directly stimulate and exercise the muscles.How long should i use it each time?20minsHow long will it take it see an effect?About 3 months, you will be able to see a change of your body..


Fidget Spinner

Rs. 450.00

This fidget spinner is today's trendiest gift it reduces anxiety, improves focus, and is easy to carry anywhere. With your laser-engraved imprint showcased right in the center, customers will know you care about their peace of mind.Plastic and metal construction with UV coating protectionHold center and spin to relieve stressLaser engraved so your ..


High Quality Vibrating Leg Massager Improve Circulation & Relieve Pain

Rs. 890.00

Improve circulation and relieve pain with your own personal massager. The Leg-O-Sage Plus is an intermittent pneumatic pulsation massage device that helps improve circulation in the calf muscles for people who are inactive for long periods of time. The Leg-O-Sage Plus delivers its soothing, stimulating and rejuvenating action that is gene..


Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

Rs. 1,990.00 Rs. 2,100.00

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout BarNow it's easy to get the strong, ripped, lean body you always wanted fast and right at home with the Iron Gym Total Body Fitness Kit. It is the ultimate workout system that gives you real results in just 30 days. Build a bigger chest, chiseled shoulders, v-shape back, six-pack abs, bulging biceps, carved triceps..


Neck Massage Cushion

Rs. 1,390.00

Neck Massage CushionSuper soft Neck Massage Cushion contours to you neck while giving you a great massage! Battery Operated Massaging Action. The Microbead Plush Travel Pillow gives you a new dimension in comfort, coziness, while at home or during travel.This massaging microbead pillow is a must have for comfort especially during travel. The smooth..


Pull Reducer

Rs. 990.00

Pull Reducer is very effective and easy to use, consisting of a contoured foam coated plastic handle and foam pedals to nicely fit into your hands and around your feet.This can be used at home or in the office to shape your body, trim the waist.This helps to strengthen your arms, legs, hips, thighs and works on the tummy at the same time...


Xtreme Abdominal Trainer Exercise Kit

Rs. 2,250.00

The GYM Extreme takes advantage of bidirectional power for the good. Through the rubber bands increased resistance is set up at the front pressures and thus achieves a more intense workout. When sliding back the built-up tension is released slowly. This returns you to easily return to your starting position.You can choose between 6 different traini..

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